December 07, 2010

You're Invited!

We have many friends and relatives, so if you don't get an invite before Saturday I am sorry, but know you are invited to celebrate Kai's birthday. It is an exciting event. During my pregnancy we didn't know if he was going to make it at times, and he has had a rough year, and day by day is getting stronger and developing more. We are so thankful for this happy, sweet boy, to be in our home and part of our family. You are welcome to celebrate this joyous day with us!

November 20, 2010

D is for Dax

I have been working on the boys' room. I made a collage of pictures of Dax above his bed, and put some letter D's up. This picture doesn't look as good as it does in person! I'm quite proud :).

Dip Dip Dip

Dax watches me put make up on each day. He watches me dip my eye shadow applicator, my mascara wand, and blush brush. He always pleads "Dip, dip dip!??" He always gets the same answer, "No." He decided to take things into his own hands....

October 12, 2010


Cole's mom aka Grammy took us to the zoo in September. Dax loved it! It was rainy and dark most of the time so I didn't get a lot of good pictures. We will have to take Dax again! Thanks Grammy!

Sleeping Babies..

There is nothing more sweet than a sleeping baby.... I kinda wish they were always this sweet!

Best Friends

Best Friends..... this song always comes to my mind when looking at pictures of Dax and Jax.
Best Friend by Harry Nilsson (theme song of Rob and Big)
People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end.
People let me tell you bout my best friend,
He's a one boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy.

People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun
Whether we're talkin' man to man or whether we're talking son to son.
Cause he's my best friend.
Yes he's my best friend.

These two partners in crime always have a blast together. I'm always shocked how well they play being two 2 year olds. Usually there is hitting and fighting over toys with 2 year old kids. Not these two (ok occassionally, but usually not too much) Ever since these guys were a year old they have played well, giggled at each other, copy cat each other, and could say nothing at all, or talk in gibberish and the other one understands. It's so adorable and humorous to watch them play. We always joke that they are in love with each other (picture at the top) We sometimes say they could get an apartment together and watch Buzz, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the disney channel, and play with toys all day. When they are together no one else exists. They live in their own little funny world.

October 10, 2010

Tub Time

Bath Time. Dax loves his Bafs. Here are some pictures with Dax and Kai in the tub together.

Four Eyes

I have to say I'm partial, this lil guy is the cutest Four Eyes I have ever seen! Kai got glasses in August. He is starting to reach more milestones now. But...he did break this pair already, but we have new ones ordered!

July 16, 2010

Little Green Monster

One morning I was in the shower to find a green little monster peeking in on me. I about lost it.
I couldn't even imagine what he could have gotten into. Then I found it. A little green ink pad. How does he find all of these kinds of things???
He was saying "wipe" and wiping the pad on his face.
It was on his legs and arms as well.
I tried taking pictures of him, but as you can tell, he was mad about it. He knew he was in trouble, and didn't want his picture taken.

"Baby Hit"

This is a picture of the damage a 2 year old big brother can do. And, in about 10 seconds. (This was a week later)I came home from the temple and a girls' night, to find Cole holding Kai, while Dax keeps saying"baby hit". I looked at Kai's face and panicked. When I see any injury to the head I worry, especially right before bedtime. I don't dare put him to bed like that. It was about 10:00, so we headed to the ER. After a couple of hours,and a cat scan, he turned out to be fine. It just looked horrible. I am so thankful! I couldn't handle any more injuries, or hospital stays with this little one.

Love Hate Relationship

Daxton and the washer and dryer have a love hate relationship. He LOVES putting anything and everything in the dryer, the picture with buzz, blanky, and who knows what else is whatI find daily. He loves trying to get in the dryer but can't quite do it himself, so I help him get in with a loving push, and he hates it. He loves to turn them on and off ( I can't say that I love that. He tends to pause or stop loads in the washer when I'm not paying attention. I think because they are front loading, it causes the hate. He hates watching his blanky, doggy, and buzz get a "bath"- we must call it that or it is a complete melt down, before we called it a bath he would sit in front of the washer and dryer and just bawl and cry out for them. He still isn't fond of the fact that they have to have a bath, but he can deal with it a little better.


Dax loves counting and his ABC's. Even though he can't really sing or say the ABC's, and just knows a couple of the letters, which is still great. I saw this idea on How Does She, I found it here. I have been trying to decorate the boys' room in robot, since it is little boy like, bright bold colors, and hopefully will last awhile and wont grow out of it. I can always switch the robot stuff with cars,airplanes, monsters, super hero's, whatever they are into in a couple of years. I made my abc's a little different. I just screwed them into the wall, because I am no measurer ( if that is a word-apparently not, it has a squiggly red line under it!) The screws added to the robot feel. I could paint the screws black, but I actually like them. I started hanging these up one night myself. I got the A and the B up, but Cole could here me yelling. I get putting tiny holes in the wall. Dax then picked up "Gosh Dang it!" or "Dang it!". The Cole came in to rescue me, and finish hanging them up. Thanks hun! The boys' room is coming along very slowly, but getting there. I am getting excited about how it is looking, and so is Dax. He can now look at the "E HE A's" now anytime he wants. (usually when he is going to bed, we can hear him singing "E HE A's, E HE A's"

"white and dirdy"

Dax loves to try hats and glasses on. He has broken 3 pairs of mine...yes...perscription ones. The ones I can wear now are crooked, because of this "dird". When Dax put these on Cole and I were cracking up. Cole kept saying he was white and nerdy from the Al song song. Dax cant always say his R's, and he was having a hard time saying nerd. He was saying white and dirdy, which sounds like dirty. This little bugger is lucky he is cute and funny sometimes, I think right now that is what's getting me through the days.

June 19, 2010

Kai Smiley

I always call Kai, Kai Smiley because he is truly a happy baby. Dax was a happy baby, but he needed constant attention..he wasn't just happy on his own laying on the floor, or in the swing. Here are some random pictures of Kai. I love his contagious smile. I am thankful for this little guy, Dax definitely put me to work when he was a baby.

Big Boy Bed

Since Dax turned 2 he has been sleeping in his big boy bed. I found this bed on craigslist up north for $40 dollars. Dax is obsessed with anything that has wheels, so I thought this would be a good bed for him, so he would be excited about not sleeping in the crib. I soon want to put Kai in Dax's crib, and have then share a room...not sure how that will work.... Thanks to Hammy for going out of her way to pick up the race car bed for Dax! I had to include the pic of Cole pretending to "leets" as Dax calls it.

Dax's 2 yr pix

My amazing friend over at AleciaDawn Photography took Dax's 2 year old pictures. We all had a blast. I absolutely love how all the pictures show Dax's animated personality. There is definitely no dull or quiet moment with him. I feel like I can just hear his quirky little laugh and giggles when I look at these. I would recommend anyone to to get their pictures taken by this wonderful photographer. I love how she captures Dax's personality to a T! Check out his other pictures over at her blog!

June 18, 2010

"THE purple hat"

Let's just say wow.... Dax is really into hats, any hat. While grandma was babysitting i showed up to pick him up, and this is what he was wearing. I couldn't get him to take it off so we "borrowed" it for the night. I couldn't resist laughing on the ride home everytime I looked in the rear view mirror. He looked so serious with this hat, coat, and sunglasses. He then jumped out of the car, and was strutting around the front yard. Our neighbors must think we are from the circus.... That night when we were babysitting Dax's buddy Jax, he had to give it a try... Let's just say that hat went straight back to grandmas. How could I chance having to go to the park with Dax wearing that, or the splash pad, or wal-mart???? This boy sure does not lack confidence... I love the "over the shoulder" look.

When Daddy Babysits....

ok, Dax would have done this whether I was watching him, or Cole. But I like to say that it was because Cole was watching him, and this is Cole's child, especially when Dax does things like this. Dax thinks that everything that sprays (besides otta bottle -water bottle) and things that come out of a tube, are for your hair. Even a&d ointment for diaper rashes....lovely. Cole came out into the living room while Dax was "doing" his hair, saying"Hair!"
You can imagine what it was like getting that out of his hair! Lets just say his hair looked slicked down, and like a Ken doll for a couple of days.