November 09, 2011

Brotherly Love

Dax and Kai SOMETIMES play well together. They are usually in their own separate worlds. But just sometimes, they are so adorable with each other... The first set of pictures I was in the other room, and kept hearing Dax say "You are such a big boy! You are such a big boy! Yes you are" I thought it was strange, so I went in, and Kai was on top of Dax. They were giggling and having a blast wrestling around. The second set of pictures we were on our bed watching tv, and I look over and Dax was sitting with his arm around Kai. When I ran to get the camera though, Dax was trying to perform and be silly  for the camera, and so I missed the sweet innocent brotherly love....dang it.


I haven't blogged in quite some time. I'm a little over whelmed of the amount of pictures and events that I need to post. So please be patient, and understand... :)
Halloween was great. Dax had a blast. Kai was just happy he got suckers, and now loves candy... Here is Caveman Kai and Super Dax.