March 23, 2009

Cut...or Not to Cut..

So I have been growing my hair out for awhile. I am now in a rut....I hate the color of my hair, I hate the cut, I am starting to feel boring and like a soccer mom. I need something new. I really like this picture but not sure how it would look on me. I know Cole hates it, but hey, he doesn't style my hair every day!! What do guys know about fashion anyways??? I need opinions!

March 22, 2009

Dinner Time

Dax is really into eating now. He loves to feed himself. I let him old the spoon...not that he has any idea what the purpose is...he only knows it goes in his mouth. By the end of dinner he is usually ready for bed, and SO done with trying to feed himself.

Playing at the Park

On this day we took Dax to the park. He wasn't quite sure what to do! He was overwhelmed with all the kids, slides, and swings....swings...he loves swings. It was so fun to watch him.


I think we have a puppy on the loose. I went in to get dax out of the crib and he was chewing on the crib! He is like a teething puppy chewing on shoes and joke about the shoes! He LOVES shoes, he licks them and chews them and carries them around like a prized possession! It makes me sick! I also notices all around the top of the crib, teeth marks! Dax's crib is covered in teeth marks...... I really think we have a little puppy!

Bubble Monster

I love Dax's bath time because he always ecstatic to get in the tub, he can barely wait to get his clothes off to get in the tub. I think these pictures are so fun! Dax looks like a little bubble bath swamp monster coming out of the tub. I love his bubble beards as well. What a cutie pie!

Play Time

What you see in these pictures is what happens every day. About 90% of our day is spent on the stairs. Going up and down mostly, and then looking over the top railing pointing when the phone rings, or at people walking around. Dax LOOOOOVES the stairs....I'm really starting to HAAAATE the stairs......yuck. But I do love Dax smiling and laughing as he is going up the stairs and playing at the top with toys.

March 03, 2009


So I just could not resist posting this pic! It CRACKS me up!!

Our little Oompa Loompa

Tonight I decided to let Dax have some fun and start feeding himself real food, not just crackers, cheese, and pieces of fruits and veggies. I gave him a spoon, which you can tell didn't get used much, and a whole bowl full of spaghetti. Despite the mess, he actually ate a ton! I filled his bowl completely full thinking that all of it would end up on the floor. He had a blast! He was just laughing and screaming because he was so excited that he couldn't stand it. I was laughing so hard because he was so orange!! Even after his bath he was still orange. I think he looks just like a little oompa loompa from Willy Wonka!!

Wagon Ride

Dax went on his first wagon ride over the weekend. My family went to the park with some of Dax's cousins. He loves to play and spend time with his cousins.