June 19, 2010

Kai Smiley

I always call Kai, Kai Smiley because he is truly a happy baby. Dax was a happy baby, but he needed constant attention..he wasn't just happy on his own laying on the floor, or in the swing. Here are some random pictures of Kai. I love his contagious smile. I am thankful for this little guy, Dax definitely put me to work when he was a baby.

Big Boy Bed

Since Dax turned 2 he has been sleeping in his big boy bed. I found this bed on craigslist up north for $40 dollars. Dax is obsessed with anything that has wheels, so I thought this would be a good bed for him, so he would be excited about not sleeping in the crib. I soon want to put Kai in Dax's crib, and have then share a room...not sure how that will work.... Thanks to Hammy for going out of her way to pick up the race car bed for Dax! I had to include the pic of Cole pretending to "leets" as Dax calls it.

Dax's 2 yr pix

My amazing friend over at AleciaDawn Photography took Dax's 2 year old pictures. We all had a blast. I absolutely love how all the pictures show Dax's animated personality. There is definitely no dull or quiet moment with him. I feel like I can just hear his quirky little laugh and giggles when I look at these. I would recommend anyone to to get their pictures taken by this wonderful photographer. I love how she captures Dax's personality to a T! Check out his other pictures over at her blog!

June 18, 2010

"THE purple hat"

Let's just say wow.... Dax is really into hats, any hat. While grandma was babysitting i showed up to pick him up, and this is what he was wearing. I couldn't get him to take it off so we "borrowed" it for the night. I couldn't resist laughing on the ride home everytime I looked in the rear view mirror. He looked so serious with this hat, coat, and sunglasses. He then jumped out of the car, and was strutting around the front yard. Our neighbors must think we are from the circus.... That night when we were babysitting Dax's buddy Jax, he had to give it a try... Let's just say that hat went straight back to grandmas. How could I chance having to go to the park with Dax wearing that, or the splash pad, or wal-mart???? This boy sure does not lack confidence... I love the "over the shoulder" look.

When Daddy Babysits....

ok, Dax would have done this whether I was watching him, or Cole. But I like to say that it was because Cole was watching him, and this is Cole's child, especially when Dax does things like this. Dax thinks that everything that sprays (besides otta bottle -water bottle) and things that come out of a tube, are for your hair. Even a&d ointment for diaper rashes....lovely. Cole came out into the living room while Dax was "doing" his hair, saying"Hair!"
You can imagine what it was like getting that out of his hair! Lets just say his hair looked slicked down, and like a Ken doll for a couple of days.

Dax's Birthday...

I know, I know. No need to say it. I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I just hate waiting for the pictures to upload. For some reason on my computer, its like molasses. Anyways.....
This post is about Dax's birthday. Last year we pulled a prank, since it was April Fool's day. We told everyone we were pregnant, that Dax was going to be a big brother (look at the post from last year...) Karma.... I ended up being pregnant! We found out within a couple of weeks. So this year we decided to do some more light hearted jokes. First one, super glue a quarter to the front porch. Cracks me up every time someone comes to the door. EVERYONE tries to pick it up. It's still there....we have quite enjoyed it. The second one was to fill chocolate cookies with tooth paste instead of frosting. Yuck. Dax enjoyed one..... until I made him stop! Grandpa ate one too hahaha.... Since we weren't having dax's party on his actually birthday we decided to have cupcakes. He didn't like us singing to him. I guess we are that awful! He enjoyed his cupcake thanks to 25 Main!
I cannot believe how old this little bugger is. The first 6 months of his life were a blur. An adventurous blur. By his first birthday I couldn't believe how fast the time had gone, now that he is 2, I feel like I blinked and now he is this funny, animated, smart, stinky little boy, who every day makes us laugh, smile, and feel loved. I am so thankful to have been blessed with Dax.
Things that Dax likes:
chocolate milk (shoclat mute)
Baths (Baa's)
Grandpa's Truck (bapa's dutch)
Buzz Lighter (buzz!!)
Almost all food especially fruit snacks
airplanes (diedie) kinda creep that he says diedie for airplane, but whatever...
Garbage trucks, fire trucks all trucks are pronounced with their own unique mumble,and then the word dutch for truck.
Kai his baby brother (he calls him Dai) and his baby toes (baby toes but with a d instead of t)

Funny things he says:
For his Grammy, he callers her Hammy
Love you (la low)
Peace (holding up all 5 fingers)
"hi" over and over again to strangers or anyone we see, and buh-bye when we leave.

I couldn't even jot down all the cute things he does or says, or everything he likes. He is truly a happy boy. He loves everyone, adventure, and is so sweet. I can't believe my baby is 2!