February 14, 2009

Sleepy Boy...again..

Dax always seems to fall asleep in things. Last night Dax was sitting in his high chair with some cheesy puff things and his bottle while watching Dad play his video games. Dax is actually entertained by it. I don't complain because this is usually when I can get a couple things done. As soon as he polished his snack and bottle off he was out like a light. Not even the flash of the camera woke him up. He looks so cute, and so big to me! He is actually starting to look like a toddler and not a baby...it's kind of sad to me, but I will always see him as my baby!

Mohawk Boy

I think Dax is known for his crazy mohawk. He was pretty much born with one. We couldn't style it different or even get it to lay down. Ever since then we have just styled it that way. I have had many people say he looks so different with his hair down- now that we have cut it probably six times, but I think he looks cute with it....he looks like a little tough guy.

Speedy Pants

Speedy Pants...or no pants.... Whenever we are changing Dax's diaper or taking his clothes off for a bath we can barely get everything off before he is on the loose. This particular time Cole and I were laughing so hard that we just let him roam around like this. We couldn't get his shirt off all the way before he got away, so I grabbed the camera and took some of these silly pictures.

Mr. Cool

Dax LOVES his sunglasses...but wearing them is another story. He will carry them around with him when he crawls around or sits and chews them. I can barely get a picture of him with them on before he rips them off.

Doggie Door

Dax has now discovered the doggie door. In these pictures he is looking at Daisy through the flap. He has not escaped out the door yet. He has put his hand through the door, but didn't like it since it is so cold and snowy outside still....but it's only a matter of time! And yes, those are his Christmas jammies from Grandma Shirts, I just can't let him only wear them on Christmas Eve, so he is still wearing them, even in February!

Pearly Whites

Now that Dax has 4 whole teeth we decided it was time to start brushing those pearly whites. We want to keep them white, he doesn't need a grill!

February 13, 2009

Splish Spash!

I have been putting Dax in the tub now since before he was covering the kitchen counters and floor in soapy water with his splashing. I decided that one shower a day for me was enough, that I also didn't need a nightly bath, just our little messy boy. Dax is starting to look ridiculous in his infant to toddler bath rub in the normal size tub. He looks like a monster in it! I just am so freaked out about babies drowning that I haven't dared just stick him in the tub, but now that he is almost 11 months....I think it's time to graduate.