June 11, 2009

Baby Update

Well.....my how time flies when you already have a baby following you around and keeping you on your toes! Tomorrow I'll be 9 weeks. I have a hard time going week by week and when people ask me what my due date is. I never go the full 40 weeks, with Dax I was 34 weeks when he was delivered. They never let diabetics go that long. They usually end up inducing you around 36 weeks. If you calculate 36 weeks instead of 40, I would be due December 18th. I just hope I don't have a christmas baby, which there is a pretty good chance! I have just been telling people that Dax will have a new brothe or sister by the end of the year. Now I just worry about all the RSV and sickness with newborns in the winter months. I need to stop worrying and just think that what are the chances of my water breaking again and going 6 weeks early??? Who knows! I just cannot believe that our little bean already looks like a polly pocket baby! And I hate that I can't button up by pants anymore!! I know I have a little chub, but come on, 3 weeks ago I could zip and button with out a problem. Maybe I should just wear my old maternity pants and face that I am pregnant, and I will be getting fat, or I AM getting fat. :) Next week I have my 10 week appointment, before I am technically 10 weeks though, and I believe I am getting another ultra sound, so I will keep you posted! YAY!

June 05, 2009



Last night the girls got together to play some Bunco, the first night of this Bunco group. It was so fun!!! We ate lots of good food, laughed a lot, and prizes were won. The group was awesome! In the picture top to bottom, left to right are Myndi, Marissa, Jenny, Sam, Annaleese, Claudia, Chelsey, Erin, Me, Dacia, Stacey, and Alice. Thanks for coming!

June 02, 2009

Family Pictures Post!!

YAY! I got a sneak peek of what is to come! Alecia posted these pictures and more on her blog. I L-O-V-E them!!!! I wanted to share! AND you should totally have her take your pictures!

Baby #2

Well....since we made the big announcement I thought I would post the ultrasound we got 2 weeks ago. There was a heart beat so we were so excited about that! The first time I got pregnant and was supposed to be around 6 weeks, and there was no heart beat, nothing, and miscarried so the sound of a heart beat is the most wonderful sound in the world to me. I am now 8 weeks along, and due January 15th, but most likely than not will be a December baby. Dax and this little one will be closer than age that we would have chosen, but Dax will love having a friend! This is the first of many ultrasounds to be posted! Last time with Dax we had so many ultrasounds because I am a high risk pregnancy. Towards the end of my pregnancy I have about 2 ultra sounds a week...