April 13, 2010


Dax loves Kai. He really hasn't done anything mean to him! I'm shocked! I thought by now Dax would have done something to Kai!! He did try to pick him up tonight, and that didn't go too well, but Dax wasn't trying to be mean. Dax always brings Kai his "juice"- his bottle. And his binky- though Kai isn't a binky baby. Whenever Kai is asleep in his bouncer Dax has to sit in front of Kai and stick his face into Kai's and Say "BABY!!" with a big smile on his face. He also pats his lap when he sits on the couch, meaning he wants to hold Kai, but usually for only a second, it doesn't last. He also kisses Kai, and always ending with the response of "awwwww!" since that's usually what is said by someone after he kisses his baby brother. These pix were taken when Kai was 2 months, to the day. I love these boys....Though some days I wish I could go back to 5 years ago...childless....oh freedom, I must say it seems like FOREVER ago that I had some of that good stuff called freedom.