December 06, 2008

Fun at the Park

I took Dax to the park and he had a blast!! All the noises, people, and cars driving by sure entertained him. He also loved the leaves and tried to eat them....yuck!

Spencer & Dax

Dax had fun with Spence today playing in the leaves at Grandmas. I think Dax had more fun watching Spence "swim" in the leaves, be buried in the leaves, and throw them everywhere and on everyone.

Sleepy Head

Dax could jump all day in his door way jumper....and he just about did! He was so funny to watch. Every time I took a picture, the flash would wake him up, he would jump once, and then fall asleep again. I love this little boy! He brings so many joys in my life!


This is Dax's cousins, Alaina, Breckan, and Brenlie. It takes all three of them to get Dax's attention. Dax loves his cousins and wishes he could run around Grandma's house with won't be too long!

Grandpa and Dax

Dax just LOVES his Grandpa. As soon as Dax hears his Grandpas voice, he is looking all over until he sees his face. Grandpa can always get a smile out of Dax.

Three Muskateers

Dax has two other cousins all within 6 months of him. Brookston who is 1 and Gavin who is 9 months. We try to take pictures of them in matching outfits once in awhile for fun. It's always quite interesting. They are starting to get more curious, and it's only a matter of time before they will be all over the place gettin in trouble!

December 05, 2008

Dax's 1st Thanksgiving

It's been a busy holiday season so far! We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We went to my moms house for Thanksgiving dinner. Dax had his first taste of Cranberries and Turkey & Mashed Potatoes and Corn. He loved it to say the least! The pictures tell it all! We first spoon fed the food, then decided that there was an easier way, and more fun way for Dax! We had fun at my moms with all the grandkids, the oldest got to carve the turkey with an electric knife, we had a little "piano recital" with the 4 oldest grandkids, and my brother attempted to deep fry a turkey. I even baked 7 homemade pies!!! The day after Thanksgiving Cole's mom and brother came down to stay with us for a couple of days. Dax (and us) enjoyed the company and all the constant play time he got. I think I enjoyed the extra couple of hours of sleep in the morning thanks to Cole's mom. It was so nice for Dax to spend time with his Grandma from Salt Lake.