April 18, 2009


This past week I actually started using my Gold's Gym membership which I have had since before Dax was born! Don't get me wrong, I did use it before Dax was born, but I got sick, then couldn't work out, had Dax, got REALLY out of shape, and here I am! We paid up front so I feel guilty not using it, and because i really NEED to work out. I am posting this picture on the lady in pink because that's how I felt while working out- fyi, THAT IS NOT ME!!! Thank goodness, but I sure felt like it with all the skinny girls in spandex or short shorts running miles and miles, so it seemed on the treadmill. And of course, to make it all better, there are always the guys that look like this guy, watching you trying to lift weights and use the machines.....I wish I could go work out every day by myself, in a gym with no one there!

even more 1 yr olds!!

more 1 yr olds

April 17, 2009

1 Year Old Photos

These were actually taken a few weeks back but have just been too lazy to post them, but I gotta give my friend, Alecia credit! She did awesome!!! These are just a few of my Favs. Check out her blog! aleciasphotography.blogspot.com Some of these pictures are with my brothers Dog Dubz who is the coolest dog ever.

more b-day pix

Birthday Boy...on April 1st

So I have been really bad at keeping up with posts the last couple of weeks. Dax poured a can of soda down into the computer so we haven't had a computer with fast enough internet to post pictures...or that I have the patience to use. Here are some pictures of Dax on the day of his birthday. We took him to get balloons, to the park-his favorite place to go, opened presents, and he had a mini cake. In the pictures there is some of Dax just being cute, playing with a balloon, then the popped balloon, drinking out of a water fountain, playin with mom and dad, yawning after a fun day, and his little birthday festivities. I'm warning you that it is a picture overload!!!! What can I say, I'm a proud mommy of the cutest boy ever!


Today Daisy had puppies. Also, on my nephew Spencer's birthday. Daisy did pretty much all the work and did great. I wish I could handle labor like that!!! We are announcing Roger-the boy spotted puppy, Florence AKA "Flo" the tan puppy, and Phyllis the white puppy. As you can tell by there nicknames we have a sense of humor. We wanted to name Cozmo, the dad, Gary but didn't dare, and wish we did. We sometimes call him Gary because he responds to anything and everything. We think it's funny to name animals human names....though we have non of our own to name, and not for a VERY long long time will we add another animal to the Fam. I'm not sure how the pix will look on here, with the flash the dogs are so bright, but without it's pretty dark, Ill post more later. If you know anyone would be interested in buying one, let me know! I believe they around $200.

April 09, 2009

If you were wondering...

Okay, So.....I guess I have some explaining to do. I am NOT pregnant. With Dax's birthday on April Fools day I thought t would be fun to take a picture of him every year pulling a prank. The "I'm going to be a big brother" was an April Fools day joke. We sure did get a kick out of everyone that believed it. I know.. we are just so mean, but we sure are lots of fun!

April 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Dax!

Today is Daxton's first birthday. I just cannot believe my baby isn't really a baby anymore. It makes me kind of sad to think he is growing up! I never understood why people say children grow up in the blink of an eye, and it is so true! Today all I have been thinking about is the vivid memories of this day last year. It was the happiest, yet scariest day of my life. My water broke, and of course being April Fools, not even Cole believed me. I told him he better meet me at the hospital because I was on my way down or else he would miss the birth of our child. Not only that, I wasn't due until 6 weeks later. I suppose Dax just couldn't wait any longer to meet us. We were quite excited to meet him as well. I am so glad Heavenly Father gave us Dax. He is such a joy and a blessing! I couldn't imagine not having him in our lives. It's so amazing to see pictures of Dax the day he was born and the struggle he went through, and then to see him today. He is a little wild man, and VERY happy. He is so rambunctious! It's so fun to have him in our lives. I thought for his birthday I would post some pictures of the first year of his life. Happy Birthday Dax!!! We love you!!