May 31, 2009

Family Pictures

So.... I'm not posting any pix with this post, so I'm sure no one will read this. BUT.... I'm just so excited. Tonight we took family pictures. I cannot wait to see them. My friend Alecia took the pictures. She is amazing and so thankful for her to take them. We have been trying to take these pictures for what seems like months. We had to keep rescheduling. We were about to do that tonight because Cole worked til 8, but luckily he got off at 7:30 so he hurried to the location and we snapped as many shots as we could until there was no more sunlight. You should check out her blog, and have her take your pictures! You will love you pictures if she takes them!


The Talbi said...

you are officially the sweetest! Thanks so much :) I hope you like them!! There are soooooo many. SOOOOO. I love it!!!

Staci said...

Yeah i cant wait to see them either...alecia is the BEST!